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Bluetooth36,209.8 KB
2013/03/02 Visit: 1480

To protect the personal data we shouldn't active the Bluetooth in the public environment [More...]


SMS26,147.7 KB
2013/03/02 Visit: 1361

SMS don't replace your absence [More...]

unsuitable web pages

unsuitable web pages15,082, KB
2013/03/02 Visit: 1332

Let’s close the unsuitable pages ourselves [More...]

Internet Surfing

Internet Surfing16,941.8 KB
2013/03/02 Visit: 1423

Let's not leave our children alone, even at the Cyber Space [More...]

unsuitable video games

unsuitable video games43,980, KB
2013/03/02 Visit: 1343

Children live in the world of their games, unsuitable video games hurts their mind [More...]

Digital Media Addiction

Digital Media Addiction42,770.1 KB
2013/02/27 Visit: 1308

Let's use the mobile phone as needed [More...]

Children in Cyberspace

Children in Cyberspace33,353.9 KB
2013/02/27 Visit: 1300

Let's be next to our children at the cyberspace [More...]


ESRA35,768.4 KB
2013/02/27 Visit: 1253

ESRA Help Parents Choose Appropriate Games [More...]

Software Producer Company

Software Producer Company18,005.5 KB
2013/02/27 Visit: 1293

Do not Copy [More...]


Cybersecurity37,302.2 KB
2013/02/27 Visit: 1307

We should take care of our personal data at the cyber space [More...]

children and violence in video games

children and violence in video games22,945.9 KB
2013/02/27 Visit: 348

Inappropriate Games can harm the children [More...]

Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction22,798.5 KB
2013/02/27 Visit: 460

Too much use of the Internet is also considered addiction [More...]

Keep Children Safe

Keep Children Safe25,762.1 KB
2013/02/27 Visit: 339

The best method to keep your children safe is to accompany them [More...]

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