Center Introduction

ITDMDC Introduction

"Information Technology and Digital Media Development Center"
Islamic Republic of Iran (ITDMDC) and its activities


In 2006, the I. R. Iran Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance decided to establish the “Information Technology and Digital Media Development Center” (ITDMDC), as the only custodian of Digital Media in the country with the following missions:

1. To organize and support the cultural and artistic production digital media,

2. To develop the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) use at the culture section,

3. To make the required amendments other plans, rules and regulations of digital contents in I. R. Iran,

4. To provide and publicize the capacity to use digital media,

5. To prepare the base for culturing, cultivating and spreading the correct use of the tools based on ICT in the I. R. Iran,

6. To develop Information & Communication Technology (ICT) use at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance,

7. To support, publish and to export the digital cultural products,

8. To organize and regulate the digital cultural activities in the I.R. Iran.

Software Registration and Copyright Protection
ITDMDC has made a lot of efforts to support the development of production of digital content through enforcement of the regulations and articles of association, such as enforcement of the “Support for Rights of Producers of Computer Softwares Law”, approved in 2000 and its article of executive by-law, passed in 2004. To support rights of compilers of computer softwares, improve market and confront publication of unauthorized contents, softwares are registered. In addition, licenses and permissions are issued for the publication of all sorts of Iranian and non-Iranian softwares. Hence, by October 2010, about five thousands registration documents, publication licenses and permissions for duplication of softwares were issued.
To support rights of producers and owners of digital works, business framework in the field and confront unauthorized content publication, the ITDMDC issues licenses for the institutions that replicate and publish software and other forms of digital content. The service has been newly forwarded from early 2010. Hence, the institutions can use facilitators for cultural activities in  I. R. Iran and be provided with cultural subsidies support. Due to prevention of copy right violation, the ITDMDC has in cooperation with Ministry of Industries taken necessary measures, including issuance of permits for audio-visual works based on digital carriers and improvement of the CD and DVD duplication mills so as to prevent duplication of unauthorized content.
This year too, ITDMDC has consulted with the telecommunication regulatory organization (Sazman Tanzim Mogharrat va Ertebatat Radioyee) so as to confront violation of the right of duplication and publication of harmful and corrupt content through postal and telecommunication systems.
Cultural Digital Complexes
Since 2010, ITDMDC has run a national project to set up “Cultural Digital Complexes” throughout the country so as to narrow down the digital gap and inequality in access, provide “multi-purpose community public access points” and promote ICT skills and potentials and prepare the ground for local content production. To this end, the project will be implemented, in five years to 2015 at 5,000 cultural digital sites and complexes, especially in public places such as mosques and libraries. In these cultural centers, people will be provided freely with such services as a collection of internet websites, Iranian multimedia softwares, computer games and the other digital media. Moreover, cultural digital works will be put on sale with special discount out of cultural subsides.
Within the framework of this project, measures will be adopted to empower and upgrade digital literacy of citizens and produce local content. Therefore; in the cultural digital complexes, educational workshops tailor-made to the needs of the users are held free of charge or at low price. Moreover, trained instructors are assigned at the site to help the users. This has also given a great opportunity for entrepreneurship and job creation for up to 3000 unemployed graduates. Hence, in the mid-term, users can this way raise the knowledge and e-literacy skills. In addition, by introducing digital media production technologies and tools and putting them at the disposal of the public, the ground will be paved for production of content and product by the interested users.
Another function of the Project is preparation of the ground for production of the local content. Since under the project, about 5,000 digital cultural complexes will be set up throughout the country up to 2015, people in any part of the country will use the facilities and educational equipment available to produce their favorite contents. Then the content will be published within framework of national network and through internet globally.
Digital Media Fairs and Festivals
Many International, national and provincial festivals and fairs, especially “the International Digital Media Fair and Festival”(IDMF) have been organized and held by ITDMDC in Tehran, the capital of I.R. Iran, to provide a proper environment for showcasing and presenting digital works and products and select high quality products. Meanwhile, cultural subsidies are offered to support use and consumption of precious digital products, thus upgrading quality of the products and encourage the public to use digital media. By end of 2010, four national and international fairs and festivals(IDMF) and twelve provincial exhibitions have been held.This year IDMF2011 was held in October in Tehran. In IDMF2011about 600 digital media producers and publishers gather in a spatial extent of 50000 m2 to offer their products to the public.
Support for digital media activities
Since 2007, ITDMDC has been holding national digital media festival to select and introduce top digital works. Then, by allocating target-oriented cultural subsidies to selected works, supports them. The practice helped promotion of application of digital media by people from various walks of life, especially theological and university students and pupils. From May 2007 to February 2010, about three million dollars was allocated to the issue and about 400 top works and products were directly or indirectly supported.
In addition, supporting the software products, companies and helping them to attend such international shows as Cebit, starting since 2008. The move has been institutionalized within framework of an agreement, reached between Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the Technology Cooperation Department of Presidential Office, the Information Dissemination High Council and the Trade Development Organization.
Safe Internet Usage
 Regarding the need for empowering people, especially families, to prevent access to harmful and obscene information in the digital environment, especially through web, ITDMDC has run a comprehensive project to provide all the users with capabilities of supervision on received information and prevent access to harmful information such as pornography. Among parts of the project reference should be made to the four Child Online Protection Guidelines which have been published in Persian. The first edition of these books was unveiled with the attendance of ITC Minister in IDMF2010.