IDMF 2012Why Fair & Festival

Why Fair & Festival

  “The International Digital Media Fair and Festival” (IDMF) has been organized and held in I. R. Iran since 2007 to provide a proper environment for showcasing and presenting digital works and products at the international level and select high quality products where the cultural subsidies were offered to support the production and use of valuable digital products.

  1. To mainstream and to create suitable base for the production and content development based on indigenous culture of each country

 2. To provide empathy and synergy among the authors in the field of digital media and media software

 3. To provide the necessary platform for the development of computer software exports

 4. To Create competition among manufacturers of software

 5. To Contact centers with technology in the field of digital media

 6. To show the local abilities to foreign companies and experience exchange

 7. To prepare the way for economic interactions between the Iranian and foreign companies attending the fair