IDMF 2012Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations


Booths for IDMF 2012 are identical for all participants except for the size which is available as the following square meters. Please note the booths will be allocated to the exhibitors based on first come, first served.

 9m2                       12m2                                   15m2                               24m2   

 There will be also some counters of 6m2 available upon request.

 The organizer preserves full authority in designing of the booths and to allocate them to the applicants based on first come first served policy. Please note no exhibitors are allowed to make any changes in the status of design of the booths unless to install their apparatuses and equipments. They are not allowed to transfer their spaces to the third party.

Booth Set up

 Booth set up activities will start at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday 05 Oct. 2012 and it should be completed by 08:00 p.m. on Monday 08 Oct. 2012 in a way that no further activities to be left to the opening ceremony date.  

Clearance and Evacuation

  •  After closing the fair and receiving the clearance slip from the fair Secretariat, the exhibitors should finally evacuate and clean up the occupied area by 08:00 p.m. on Tuesday 16 Oct.
  • After closing the fair, exhibitors should ask the person in charge of the booths to check the remaining goods and to make a cross check on the original list before packing and delivering the goods.
  • All commodities and equipment used to decorate the booths and open space must be removed from the area. Occupied spaces must appear as their original state afterwards.
  • If the exhibitors cannot evacuate in time, the organizing committee has no responsibility on safe keeping the commodities.
  • If the remaining goods are transferred to the indoor stock, or to any other open spaces, the owners are responsible for the delivery and stock charges.   

Entry Fee

 The Entry fee for all participants is $ 1000 USD in return for the followings:

 -         We will pay for your international return flight tickets in cash upon arrival in Tehran according to the economic class ticket bill,

 -         We will pay for your accommodation for the double room in a hotel for 10 nights, breakfast included,

 -         We will pay for your packed lunch at the venue, and for your dinner in the hotel or at a restaurant,

 -         We will pay for your local transportation (Airport, Hotel and Fair Venue based on a timetable).

 Please note:

 The costs of the above-mentioned services are much more than the Entry Fee. The Fair officials are more than happy to cover all extra expenses with the aim of supporting the development of Digital Media internationally.


For the Attention of the Exhibitors

 ·         To secure the ID card issuance, all exhibitors are required to send us their photo together with the Entry Forms.

 ·         The ID cards allow the exhibitors to get access to the Fair and Festival venues.

 ·         ID cards may not be transferred to anyone else, and non-observance of the rules may result in legal prosecution.

 ·         All booth attendants both males and females are obliged to observe the Islamic laws and values including the Islamic dress codes.

 ·        Exhibitors or their representatives must be present at their booths to answer the clients during the visiting hours of the fair.

 ·         To prepare the identical booths frames, all exhibitors are kindly asked to send us their logos as well as their country official flags together with the Entry Forms. Fair officials will fix and arrange for the Flags and the Logos place.


The Fair doors will open at 09:00 a.m. for the exhibitors and they will be allowed in, by presenting their ID cards. The visitors will be allowed in at 10:00 a.m. The daily closing time will be at 08:00 p.m. All doors will be closed and sealed at 09:00 p.m.

 • The exhibitors must bring in all their commodities before 09:00 a.m. And at the closing time they can take them out by the written permission.

 • The exhibitors are responsible to safe guard their commodity during the opening hours. The organizer is responsible to safe guard the properties after the doors have been locked and sealed. Therefore; the exhibitors or their representatives must be present when the doors are being locked and sealed.

 • List of the products and the prices must be posted in a place visible to the public for the marketing aspects.

 • After closing the fair, removal and delivery of the goods will be allowed provided that the exhibitors submit their clearance slips, received from the registration committee. Without the clearance slip no delivery will be allowed.

 Custom Services


 The Custom services will be provided at the International Imam Khomeini Airport and all commodities will be evaluated as temporary imports and finally import and export items will be cross checked to calculate the custom duties. The custom fees should be covered and paid by the participants.  


 Wireless internet is available at the Fair venue.

Safety Services

 To help solve unexpected issues, security police, fire fighting and emergency sections are available at the venue. A well-equipped fire fighting center will be set up at the Fair site during the Fair period. The Fair management will be responsible for general safety and security of the Fair site. However, participants shall have the ID cards provided by the Fair management with them all the time. The Fair site is totally insured and the insurer is responsible for any sort of losses. If you need any extra fire fighting services, including fire extinguishers, please contact the officer in charge of exhibitors. 


 The main prayers room is located in the Fair venue and additional spaces are also provided for this purpose in the Fair site.

 To respect the religion beliefs, all exhibitors are kindly requested not to use their audio systems for 15 minutes after the prayer calls and to respect the ordinance of prayers; they are kindly requested to avoid answering the clients during this period. 

Post Services

 International mailing services are available at the Fair site. These services are offered by the public mailing system and also by DHL Mailing System.

 For more information please refer to

Electricity Consumption Rules

 To economize the electricity consumption, booths are not allowed to exceed 500 Watts of electricity consumption.  

Lighting Rules

 In case the exhibitors intend to use extra lights, they must use the low consumption lamps. 

Advertisement Rules

 All activities involving any kinds of advertisements, publications, media (national and international) protocols, etc. must be coordinated with the Fair Management in advance.

 Exhibitors are kindly asked to have the written permission from the Fair officials, prior to distribution of any books, bulletins, brochures, films and the like.  Exhibitors are not allowed to discredit similar items offered by other participants in their advertisements.

 Please note:

 Display and sale of any commodity contrary to the Islamic Rules and Values are forbidden.

 If the exhibitors wish their books, bulletins, brochures, film and the like to be displayed and delivered in the booths during the fair, they should hand in a copy of the above-mentioned items to the registration committee.