IDMF 2012Venue


The International Digital Media Fair 2012 will be held in Imam Khomeini Great Mosalla in Tehran, capital of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Tehran, known as the political–economic city here, is considered as one of the most populated cities of the world. This heavy populated city of about 12 million has drawn the attention of many people due to its most exciting condition among all cities in the country.

Suitable welfare and travel facilities such as great number of hotels and sightseeing, etc. made this city especially capable and that is why it has been introduced for such important event.

Imam Khomeini Great Mosalla is the largest Cultural & Fair complex in Tehran. This complex is located towards the northern part of the city and enjoys suitable transportation such as subway, public buses, taxis, and variety of welfare aspects. That is why it has been a preferred venue for the greatest and most important fairs in Iran and it has still kept the priority.

The following Google map link shows the location of the Fair:

 Fair Venue